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Here is some very cool history about these radical racers! Dekon was the most successful and recognized builder of the H07 silhouette Monza GT race cars. The Dekon modified Chevrolet Monza won the IMSA GT championships in 1976, 1977 and 1978.

In 1974, Chevrolet assisted Dekon Engineering in the design and development of the tube frame Monza race car. General Motors' first automotive design venture using computer aided design and drafting (CADD) was with the Chevrolet Monza. Around late 1974, Dekon began receiving Monza production chassis from GM to make the radical transformations from street to track car.

The Dekon Monza featured a tubular frame chassis, an overall weight of about 2,400 pounds, and over 600 horsepower from a fuel-injected V-8 engine. The cars were extremely fast and competitive, thanks in part to their excellent 50/50 weight distribution. The car's lightweight, high horsepower combination was a formidable competitor in IMSA and other racing series. After some teething problems, the Dekon Monza of Al Holbert won the IMSA GT Championship in 1976 and 1977.

Regarding Moffat's Dekon Monza, Moffat was invited by Dekon to drive their Monza in a 500-mile race in 1975 at Mid-Ohio. He would qualify third and was running toward the lead when a fuel issue caused him to withdraw. Despite this, Moffat was so impressed with the car's performance that he purchased the Monza and had it shipped to New Zealand to compete in the NZ Sports Sedan Summer Series. Over the next 3-4 seasons, the car's livery would change multiple times while Moffat experienced tremendous success in the Dekon!

We are pleased to present the final livery in which Moffat piloted this awesome machine in, the #25 Federation Dekon Monza from the 1979 Australian Sports Sedan Championship season!


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