1:18 BATHURST WINNER - Peter Brock Trophy

Red Bull Ampol Racing Team

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  • Measures 13mm x 35mm x 13mm

Peter Brock died weeks before the 2006 race in an accident during the Targa West rally in Western Australia. Following this, Supercars announced that from 2006 onwards, the drivers in the Bathurst 1000 would be racing to win the Peter Brock Trophy. The 2006 event also honored Brock with special tributes; including the front row of the starting grid being left vacant, all cars bearing an '05' number sticker made famous by Brock, and a champions' lap of honor featuring Brock's past co-drivers parading in cars that Brock won Bathurst with.

The trophy, manufactured by Hardy Brothers, is inscribed with the words "King of the Mountain", a long-time nickname of Brock's. It weighs 2.5 kg (6 lb) and stands 50 centimeters (20 in) tall.[33] Craig Lowndes, a long-time mentor of Brock, has won the trophy a record six times since its inception.

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